Equipping professionals to serve girls with greater knowledge, equity, and sensitivity.

Girl-Centered Practice© Training Institute

The Girl-Centered Practice© Institute (GCPI) is mobile and innovative training program that educates participants about effective, research-based practices for addressing the needs of girls, young women and youth who identify as female.

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The Institute enhances the skills of professionals and students in the fields of education, social services, child protection, mental health, and juvenile justice, as well as, volunteer mentors, coaches, and anyone involved in girls lives. Participants will learn strategies for translating research into policies, processes, programs, and services that emphasize the safety, dignity, and equitable treatment of girls. Other topics will include:

  • How personal and professional values influence interactions with girls and other practitioners
  • A girl’s right to safety in relation to herself and her community
  • How a girl sees herself in the context of her family, peers, race, culture, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, community and school
  • The importance of relationships in the lives of girls

Level 1: Girl-Centered Practice©

The 3-day training utilizes interactive activities, group discussion, lecture, and personal reflection to increase participants knowledge and understanding of the core principles of Girl-Centered Practice©, which include:

  • Elevating the girl’s experience and expertise
  • Building connections
  • Giving context to behavior
  • Activism as a healing tool
  • Core building blocks for girl-centered programming and interventions

    Within the context of these girl-centered principles, the course provides practical interventions and frameworks for:
  • Core Tenets of Girl-Centered Practice©
  • Trauma-informed care through a Gender Lens
  • Reflective Practice Leadership Framework
  • Relational Cultural Theory


Level 2: SAVVY Sister

Participants must complete Level 1 before beginning Level 2.

In this 2-day training participants will apply concepts of Level 1 by learning how to utilize the SAVVY Sister manual.

SAVVY Sister is a research based curriculum that focuses on improving girls knowledge, exploration of values, and development of skills aimed at increasing protective factors/buffering girls’ pathways and risks into the juvenile justice system.  These include interpersonal relationships, coping skills, self-esteem/self-advocacy and future outlook/career orientation. 

Through interactive group work and education, participants deepen their learning and understanding with real-time feedback from experts and peers. 

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See the Girl Summit

Mark your calendar for October 13-14, 2022. Stay tuned for more details. 

Technical Assistance

The Policy Center offers organizational assessments, trainings, and technical assistance that create environments that encourage girls and young women to grow and excel. We train professionals to better understand girls unique needs and how to best respond to them. We provide on-site assessment of the gender-responsiveness of policies and practices through listening sessions with girls, staff and girl surveys, documentation review, interviews and facility observation. Findings will inform strategic planning.

Training topics include:

  • Girl Matters®: CORE Building Blocks for Creating a Gender-Responsive Culture
  • Understanding and Effectively Addressing Challenging Behaviors
  • SAVVY Sister Model Programming for Girls
  • Girl Matters®: It’s Elementary
  • Girl Matters®for Educators
  • Trauma-informed and Family Centered Services through a Gender Lens
  • Trauma Awareness
  • The Psychology of Human Trafficking

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Specialized Training Workshops

The Policy Center can provide your organization with customized training based on your individual needs and interest.  TO learn how we can provide your group with individualized educational opportunities, contact us.