Training & Technical Assistance

This cornerstone includes our Girl-Centered Practice Institute, See the Girl Summit, and specialized trainings and technical assistance.

Girl-Centered Practice© Training Institute

The Girl-Centered Practice© Institute (GCPI) is mobile and innovative training program that educates participants about effective, research-based practices for addressing the needs of girls, young women and youth who identify as female.

Organizations or communities with interest in creating supportive environments for girls and young women may engage the Policy Center to bring the GCPI to its community. Watch the our GCPI video to learn more.

The Institute is designed to enhance the skills of professionals and students in the fields of education, social services, child protection, mental health, and juvenile justice, as well as volunteer mentors, coaches, and leaders involved with girl-serving organizations.  Participants will become more effective in including girls in their work by learning strategies for translating research into policies, processes, programs, and services that emphasize the safety, dignity, and growth of girls. Participants will also have the opportunity to explore:

  • How personal and professional values influence day to day interactions with girls and other practitioners
  • The concept of a girl’s right to safety in relation to herself, others, and institutions
  • How a girl sees herself in the context of her family, peers, race, culture, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, community and school
  • The centrality of relationships in the lives of girls

Level 1: Seminar in Girl-Centered Practice©

The 3-day Seminar uses interactive activities, lecture, and personal reflection to educate participants about the core principles of Girl-Centered Practice© a strength-based approach for addressing the needs of girls.

Level 2: Topic Intensive

The 2-day Intensive introduces practical applications of the concepts presented in the Seminar in Girl-Centered Practice©. The Topic Intensive focus is selected by the community or organization and is adapted to meet their specific needs.

Level 1: Seminar in Girl-Centered Practice©

Course Description:  Through interactive activities, group discussion, lecture, and personal reflection, participants will increase their knowledge and understanding of the core principles of Girl-Centered Practice©, which include:

  • Elevating the girl’s experience and expertise
  • Building connections
  • Giving context to behavior
  • Activism as a healing tool
  • Core building blocks for girl-centered programming and interventions

    Within the context of these girl-centered principles, the course provides practical interventions and frameworks for:
  • Core Tenets of Girl-Centered Practice©
  • Trauma-informed Care through a Gender Lens
  • Reflective Practice Leadership Framework
  • Relational Cultural Theory

This course is a prerequisite for Level 2.

Level 2: Topic Intensive

The 2-day training introduces practical application of the concepts presented in Seminar in Girl-Centered Practice. Participants must complete Level 1 before beginning Level 2.  The Topic Intensive focus is selected by the community or organization and is adapted to meet their specific needs.

Topics may include implementations of Girl Matters®: It’s Elementary or SAVVY Sisters, or training in working with survivors of human trafficking.

Note: The SAVVY Sister is a research based curriculum that is the practical application of the Girl Matters®: Creating a Culture that Celebrates and Values Girls and Young Women curriculum (Ravoira et al, 2010).  The Program model focuses on girls’ protective factors within a gender-responsive program environment.  SAVVY Sister focuses on improving girls knowledge, exploration of values, and development of skills aimed at increasing protective factors/buffering girls’ pathways and risks into the juvenile justice system.  These include interpersonal relationships, coping skills, self-esteem/self-advocacy and future outlook/ career orientation. 

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Annual See the Girl Summit

Due to COVID-19, there is no Summit planned at this time. 

Click here to learn more from the 2019 Summit! 

Technical Assistance

Training and technical assistance is a core element of creating lasting systemic change in our community. Ongoing training and technical assistance is critical to effectively meeting the needs of girls and young women, families, and the community.

Training and technical assistance help providers interact with girls in a girl-responsive manner, allowing our community to see the girl, not just the behavior.  This is especially important when interacting with girls who have experienced trauma.  Experiencing trauma can affect the way a girl or young woman perceives and responds to the world, yet staff is sometimes ill-equipped to respond in an effective manner.

The Policy Center offers organizational assessments, trainings, and technical assistance to help create environments that encourage girls and young women to grow and excel, and that assists in building staff capacity and skills.  Organizational assessments include on-site assessment of the gender-responsiveness of policies and practices through listening sessions with girls, staff and girl surveys, documentation review, interviews and facility observation. Findings will inform strategic planning and baseline for evaluation of impact of ongoing technical assistance after six months and one year.

Training that builds staff capacity and increases skills include the following:

  • Girl Matters®: CORE Building Blocks for Creating a Gender-Responsive Culture
  • Understanding and Effectively Addressing Challenging Behaviors
  • SAVVY Sister Model Programming for Girls
  • Girl Matters®: It’s Elementary
  • Girl Matters®for Educators
  • Trauma-informed and Family Centered Services through a Gender Lens
  • Trauma Awareness
  • The Psychology of Human Trafficking

For information about Training and Technical Assistance, contact Stacy Ellison, Director of Development &

Specialized Training Workshops

In partnership with Mental Health America, we put on day-long specialized workshops twice a year.  Past workshops include: Why Grief and Loss Make your Heart Sick with Dr. Amy Banks of the Jean Baker Miller Institute, Stop the Pain of Social Exclusion, and Protection & Advocacy for Individuals with Disabilities.

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