Mission, Vision, Values

Our Mission

We advance the rights of girls* and elevate justice reform, gender equity, and system accountability through research based community solutions, and bold policy – all with a girl-centered approach.

Our Vision

We envision communities where girls* are safe, respected, valued, and equal partners in their experiences and future.

Our Values

We value girls’ lived experiences.

We have a responsibility to girls.

Girls deserve transparency.

Girls deserve time to heal.

We value girls’ questions and inquiry.

Our Guiding Beliefs

Girls Voices Matter. 

Here’s what they’ve told us they deserve:

Fairness and equity, regardless of circumstances.

To live free from violence and exploitation. 

To be protected, not erased by powerful systems. 

To be heard and their lived experiences centered.

*We recognize there are limitations to language and our use of “girl(s)”. By “girl(s)” we mean all young people who identify as female, women, femmes, non-conforming and gender expansive individuals.