Girl-Centered Institute

The Girl-Centered Institute (GCI) is a partnership between the Delores Barr Weaver Policy Center, Voices for Florida, the University of North Florida Division of Continuing Education, and the Jacksonville System of Care Initiative. This innovative training program educates participants about effective, research-based practices for addressing the needs of girls and young women who have experienced trauma and/or been impacted the juvenile justice system.

Courses in the Girl-Centered Institute are designed to enhance the skills of professionals and students in the fields of education, social services, child protection, mental health, and juvenile justice, as well as volunteer mentors, coaches, and leaders involved with girl-serving organizations. GCI participants will become more effective in including girls’ voices in their work by learning strategies for translating research into policies, processes, programs and services that emphasize the safety, dignity, and growth of girls.

2016 Girl-Centered Practice Series

Girl-Centered Practice is open to anyone with an interest in creating supportive environments for girls and young women who have been impacted by trauma, including girls and young women in the juvenile justice or child protective systems.

The Level 1 series is a three-day Seminar in Girl-Centered Practice .  Later in the year, the Level 1 series will be repeated, followed by the two-day Girl-Centered Practice SAVVY Sister Certification.

Level 3 of the course series, Advocacy and Activism for Practitioners, will be held  following the Level 1 and 2 offering later in the year.

Note:  The three-day Seminar in Girl-Centered Practice is a prerequisite for both the Level 2 Certification and the Level 3 Advocacy training.

All classes will be held from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the beautiful new Jessie Ball duPont Center in downtown Jacksonville.

For course descriptions and registration, visit these links from our partners at UNF Continuing Education:

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