Activities for Working with Girls

Following is a list of materials, books, DVDs and cards that can be the basis for activities in working with girls. The books can be purchased at local stores or ordered on-line through various vendors; additional materials can be obtained through the company names and websites provided. You may want to do your own search to find local retailers who carry these items.


Books for Girls
A comprehensive list of books for girls and young women. Download the pdf.


A History of Women’s Achievements in America (4 DVD Set)

One Fine Day – An Inspiring Celebration of the American Woman Past and Present

Activity Cards

Notable Black Women in American History, Famous Women in American History, Famous Women of the Civil War. All available at

Women in the White House, Women Who Dare, Who Was She? Knowledge Cards available at

Wisdom Cards, Manifesting Good Luck Cards, Power Thought Cards, Healing Cards, and Magical Unicorns. Card decks available at


We use a single note chime in our workshops. Our participants always want to know where they can purchase this audio tool, with its clear, pleasing, and powerful tone. Woodstock Chimes is the manufacturer and offers it for purchase through the website.




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