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The Power of Open Doors

Delores Barr Weaver Policy Center | March 06, 2018

The Power of Open Doors is the seamless integration of survivor-focused services and supports we are able to provided whenever and wherever needed. Just recently,  Sara*, a young woman living in Palm Coast, was in Jacksonville under circumstances she felt were unsafe. Because the Open Doors team in the North Coastal region had begun providing services to Sara and her family since January 2018, Sara reached out to her Survivor-Mentor for help. This alone is incredible. A young woman, who before had few positive adult relationships, felt confident enough in her Survivor-Mentor to reach out in a difficult situation.

The Survivor-Mentor in North Coastal quickly reached out to the Open Doors team in Northeast Florida. Within an hour, and In partnership with Sara, the two teams were able to coordinate Sara’s care seamlessly. And because of the relationship Sara built with the North Coastal Survivor-Mentor, Sara trusted the Open Doors team in Northeast Florida. Jamie Rosseland, our Survivor-Mentor in Northeast Florida, had Sara’s favorite snacks with her when she met her. Together, they met with law enforcement in Jacksonville and then drove together back to Sara’s home in Palm Coast. On the way, the team got to know Sara better and shared different resources available to her.

When the Open Doors team arrived at Sara’s home, they met with Sara’s relieved mom. Now, Sara and her mom know that Sara has access to the Open Doors team in North Coastal and in Northeast Florida. In fact, a team will be ready to assist Sara whenever and wherever she needs it. Without the Open Doors Outreach Network, Sara would have likely had no one to call in this dangerous situation and in all likelihood, she would have remained missing for an undetermined period of time. Instead, in her moment of need, the Open Doors team was able to meet Sara where she was. Today, Sara is safe and at home, where she continues her healing journey surrounded by the support and care the Open Doors Outreach Network provides.

*Her name has been changed to protect her privacy.




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