We engage communities, organizations and individuals through quality research, community organizing, advocacy, training and model programming to advance the rights of girls, young women, and youth who identify as female, especially those impacted by the justice system.

Established in January 2013, the Delores Barr Weaver Policy Center is the outgrowth of the Justice For Girls Reform Movement that began more than 20 years ago.

Starting in the late 1990s, statewide programming for girls in the juvenile justice system faced repeated threats of elimination in the Florida state budget.  A public awareness counter-offensive to stop these proposed devastating budget cuts was led by Dr. Lawanda Ravoira, current president & CEO of the Policy Center, and Roy Miller, president and founder The Children’s Campaign Inc.  They launched a focused reform initiative for justice-involved girls and young women throughout Florida.

This reform initiative led to the publication of two of the largest research studies specific to girls ever conducted in the country.  Funded by the Jessie Ball duPont Fund, Educate or Incarcerate (2000) and Rallying Cry for Change (2006) documented girls’ pathways into the Florida system and provided specific recommendations for reform.

In 2004, Ravoira and Miller spearheaded a legislative effort resulting in Florida becoming the second state in the country to pass legislation (HB1989/SB2727) requiring gender-specific services in the juvenile justice system.

In 2007, Ravoira and Miller, along with Linda Alexionok, were catalysts in the creation of the Juvenile Justice Blueprint Commission.  Simultaneously, the Florida Bar Foundation funded a statewide reform initiative led by Ravoira and Miller to address the disparate treatment of girls and young women in the justice system. This resulted in publication of The Florida Justice for Girls:  Blueprint for Action co-authored by Ravoira and Miller, which chronicled the girls’ reform movement in Florida and provided a detailed call to action grounded in research and best practices.

Shortly after, the Women’s Giving Alliance underwrote the Justice for Girls: Duval County Initiative, staffed by Ravoira and Miller, to help transform Duval County and Northeast Florida into a national model for effectively addressing the multiplicity of girls’ needs in the justice system.  Led by the citizen-driven Justice for Girls: Duval County Initiative Leadership Council, a comprehensive strategic plan was adopted that focused on the creation of model programming and advocacy initiatives specific to the local community.

In 2008, through a partnership with the National Council on Crime and Delinquency (NCCD), Ravoira sought private funding from the Jessie Ball duPont Fund to open a national Center for Girls and Young Women. This partnership with NCCD provided an extraordinary opportunity for creating a Center for Girls and Young Women in Jacksonville, Florida.

The NCCD Center for Girls and Young Women opened in 2009 and had remarkable success in the development of cutting edge, research-based curricula, providing training and technical assistance throughout the country, establishing the National Girls Institute for the federal government, and developing and implementing researched-based direct service programs for girls in detention and elementary schools.  However, a different structure was necessary to expand the work in the direction needed to bring about systemic lasting reform that could transform how Duval County and Northeast Florida responded to girls.

In 2012, a proposal was developed for Delores Barr Weaver that married social science and political science with the goal of creating a national model for lasting reform that would focus on the disparate policies and practices in Duval and the surrounding counties.

A longtime advocate for girls and women and a member of the Justice for Girls: Duval County Initiative Leadership Council since its inception in 2007, Mrs. Weaver supported the request to open the Policy Center and graciously agreed to have the center named in her honor.

Opened in 2013, the Policy Center uses political science strategies that integrate the lived experiences of girls in the juvenile justice and child protection systems.  The advocacy platform addresses the policies, processes and practices that result in disparate treatment of girls. The core services of the Policy Center are grounded in rigorous research initiatives to inform the advocacy platform, training and technical assistance, and the development and implementation of direct service model programming along the continuum to provide prevention, court diversion, treatment, and residential and re-entry services for girls in the juvenile justice system.

Our mission statement is to “Engage communities, organizations and individuals through quality research, community organizing, advocacy, training and model programming to advance the rights of girls and young women, especially those in the justice system.” Our mission is guided by Girl-Centered Practice.

Girl Centered Practice uses a strength-based approach that is grounded in three core principles and six elements:

Core Principles

Girls as Experts:  Acknowledge each girl as an experts of her life and her relationships

Mutuality:  Sit where a girl sits and see what she sees

Lived Experiences: Honor and value each girl’s lived experience, knowledge, culture, ethnicity and language



Theory: Ensures that programs are guided by gender relevant theories

Connections: Focuses on the importance of girls’ connections (family, friends, schools, and others)

Community: Recognizes the dynamic community in which girls live, play and learn

Intersectionality: Focuses on the intersectionality of gender, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, nationality, age, ability and education

Reflection: Uses reflective practice and listening without judging

Activism: Promotes activism and informed advocacy

Developed with Barbara Guthrie, R.N., Ph.D., F.A.A.N., Northeastern University


Delores Barr Weaver is a lifelong advocate for girls and young women and among the leading philanthropists in Jacksonville and the Southeast.  Her philanthropy has transformed Jacksonville.  Her generous support led to the establishment of the Delores Barr Weaver Policy Center, providing a permanent resource supporting girls in the juvenile justice system, and girls whose circumstances are likely to lead them into that system.


Inderjit Vicky Basra – Senior Vice President


Alyssa Beck – Advocacy Specialist


Alani Beck, B.A.W. – Girl Expert


Cindy Brakefield – Office Manager


DeeAnne Crookham, M.P.A. – Vice President of Operations


Ashton Dumdei, L.C.S.W.- Clinician


Kimberly Gallon- School Based Program Manager


Lisa Glass – Program Assistant


Vinessa Gordon- Research Project Manager


Ty Jones, L.C.S.W. – Mental Health Professional


Jenna Hulse, R.C.S.W.I. – Regional Advocate


Conchetta Latimer – Care Manager


Nigeria McHellon- Clinician


Jenn Martin- Survivor Mentor


Kristin Murray – Care Manager


Marie Norman- Regional Advocate


Vanessa Patino Lydia, M.P.A. – Vice President of Research & Planning


Lawanda Ravoira, D.P.A. – President & CEO


Jamie Rosseland – Survivor-Mentor


Kyle Sanchez – Grants Specialist


Biannela Susana – Program Development Assistant


Chanel Dionne Toleston – Survivor Mentor


Sakenia Washington, M.S.W. – Mental Health Professional


Rachel Weinstein, L.M.H.C. – Clinical Director


Blythe Duckworth Zayets, M.A. – Director of Communication & Advancement


Mila Zayets, B.A.W. – Girl Expert



Audrey Moran – Chair


Dane Grey – Vice Chair


Kay Cunningham, CEBS – Secretary, Treasurer


Inger Loftheim Geraghty


Barbara Guthrie, R.N., Ph.D., F.A.A.N.


Sherry P. Magill, Ph.D.


John C. Taylor, J.D.



In 2007, the Children’s Campaign, Inc. partnered with Dr. Lawanda Ravoira to engage the community in developing a comprehensive reform agenda developed by citizens and key stakeholders in Duval County to address girls’ pathways into the local juvenile justice system. Through a grant from the Women’s Giving Alliance, the Jessie Ball duPont Fund and private donors, they launched the Justice for Girls: Duval County Initiative.  The goal of this initiative was to identify and examine policies, procedures and practices that shepherd girls from Duval County into the juvenile justice system and determine points in the process where girls could be prevented from entering, diverted or appropriately referred to services based on individual needs and public safety risks.

Reform recommendations are advised by research and the lessons learned by the Children’s Campaign’s 5 Promises to Florida’s Children, the Justice for Girls: State of Florida Blueprint for Action and, most importantly, by the recommendations of girls and their families.

The Leadership Council’s specific responsibilities include:

  • Using the information provided by Policy Center staff to gain an understanding of how Duval County girls enter the juvenile justice system and why change is required.
  • Critiquing recommendations for systemic change.
  • Using community connections and expertise to help raise awareness in the community and inspire meaningful action.
  • Assisting with the execution and/or implementation of the final recommendations by leveraging relationships and resources within the community.

The Justice for Girls: Leadership Council’s work culminated in the opening of the Delores Barr Weaver Policy Center.  Today, the Leadership Council serves as an advisory council to the Policy Center.

Leadership Council

  • Bill Adams
  • Clanzenetta “Mickee” Brown
  • Lakesha Burton
  • Nancy Chartrand
  • Lisé Everly
  • Steve Halverson
  • Yvette Hyater-Adams
  • James A. Kowalski, Jr.
  • Jennifer Lee
  • Trisha Meili
  • Susan Remmer Ryzewic
  • Julia W. Taylor
  • Delores Barr Weaver


1. What is the Policy Center?

The Policy Center is a 501(c) 3 not-for-profit organization leading the Justice For Girls Reform Movement and working to improve the outcomes for girls involved in the juvenile justice system.

2. Who is Delores Barr Weaver?

Delores Barr Weaver is a generous philanthropist who has partially funded the Policy Center through her the Delores Barr Weaver Fund held at The Community Foundation for Northeast Florida.  Mrs. Weaver is our greatest supporter and champion in advancing the rights of girls and young women, especially those in the juvenile justice system.

3. What services does the Policy Center provide to girls?

In addition to research, advocacy and training, the Policy Center also offers programming for girls and young women in the community, including:

  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy in juvenile detention and women’s pre-trial
  • Care management
  • Referral services
  • Individual advocacy
  • Girls Leadership Council membership
  • Internship opportunities in our school-based programs

Anyone can make referral.

4. How can I help?

Visit “Get Involved” for more information about the multiple ways to further the Policy Center’s mission.

5. Boys need help, too -- what are you doing to help them?

We agree that advocacy is needed for all children. Research shows that boys also have risk factors that demand attention, including: trauma, violence, family conflict, substance abuse and more.  Programming to meet boys’ needs should also be available, and as we make progress from our focus and expertise in highlighting and addressing the gendered experiences of girls, we believe these efforts can serve as a catalyst for others to consider practices with boys.  For example, preliminary evidence from working with girls and school administration to reduce suspensions at our target elementary schools suggests that suspensions have decreased throughout the school, for both boys and girls.

6. Do you fund organizations or projects?

Though we welcome opportunities for collaboration, we are not a foundation and do not directly fund organizations or projects.

7. Are you available to be a speaker or make a presentation?

Staff members of the Policy Center are available for speaking engagements and presentations.  If you are interested in learning more, please contact Blythe Zayets at bzayets@seethegirl.org





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