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Will there be CEUs?

Yes, there will be CEUs!  Please mark if you want them in your registration form and include your license number.  We are in the process of determining the number of CEUs and will update this page when we have more information.

Can I register a group?

Yes, complete a registration form for each person.  It is critical that we have everyone’s email address, and you’ll also select the sessions they want to attend. If you want to pay for everyone together, select “invoice” as your payment option and list the names of everyone to be included in the invoice, whom to address the invoice and where to send it.

Where do I park?

200 East Adams Street is the Yates parking garage.  It is credit card only.  We do not recommend street meters because there are two-hour limits and it is strictly enforced, unfortunately we know this to be very true!

Can I amend my registration?

We try to avoid it, but yes it’s possible up to a certain date.  Email

Where are the nearest hotels?

The closest hotel is Hyatt Regency Jacksonville Riverfront, which is located three blocks from the summit.

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