Our priority is to establish supportive relationships with girls and families who are impacted by trauma. To that end, we advocate for policies and practices that correct the disparate treatment of girls impacted by the justice system.

Our core services are grounded in rigorous research which informs our advocacy platform and has revealed that:

  • Girls are more likely to be incarcerated for less serious offenses than boys (misdemeanors and violations of probation).
  • Almost three in four girls who are incarcerated have mental health problems related to the impact of trauma and violence.
  • Half of girls who are incarcerated have histories of sexual or physical abuse.

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From Hurt To Hope. See The Girl.
From Trouble To Triumph. See The Girl.
From Conflict To Confidence. See The Girl.

From Adversity To Advocate

I was raised in a family where my parents didn’t have the skill sets to properly raise me. I began running away at the age of 13. I quickly got heavily involved in drugs. Nearly 2 years later I was a victim of sex trafficking. I ended up arrested and jailed for felonies against my attacker. Since I was still legally a child, I ended up in solitary confinement in a mental health facility since there was no room to jail me anywhere else. I saw people pepper sprayed, tased, hogged tied, and strapped down to restraint chairs. Stuck in a cell for 23 hours a day forced me to relive the many traumatic experiences I had experienced years prior to my incarceration. Some days I blamed myself for the trauma, abuse and neglect. Florida’s children deserve better. I think of all the other children like me who are still stuck in solitary confinement and wonder if they will make it out as lucky as I did. It is by luck that I was able to write this. We need to eliminate luck from the equation.


Alyssa smiling

Delores Barr Weaver Policy Center

The Delores Barr Weaver Policy Center engages communities, organizations, and individuals through quality research, community organizing, advocacy, training, and model programming to advance the rights of girls and young women, especially those in the justice system.

Campaign photography by Ingrid Damiani. Photograph of Alyssa by Hannah Joy Photography.




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