Our approach to advocacy is grounded in research, direct service experience and most importantly, a partnership with girls and young women who have lived experiences in the justice system.   We seek to amplify girls and young women’s voices in public policy reforms on issues that directly impact them.  We believe that the lived experiences of girls and young women provide profound insights that can result in systemic reforms and long term social change.

There are many ways to get involved, including:

  1. Learn the basics
  2. Find out who represents your district and how the process works
  3. Learn more about the issues impacting girls and young women
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Thank you so much for your interest in volunteering with us. Here are a few ways in which you can get involved.

Care and Comfort

pngBooks & Magazines for Girls in Detention
We’re collecting GED books as well as paperbacks with encouraging/positive messages to provide girls between the ages of 10 and 18. We’ve started a small mobile library program for girls at Duval Regional Juvenile Detention Center and donate surplus books to other detention facilities in Florida. To donate books (paperback only) or magazines, contact Biannela Susana at 904.423.1565 or

Hygiene Product Collection

Support elementary age girls and girls released from the detention center in need of hygiene products. We are collecting the following items: feminine hygiene products, deodorant, soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss and nail polish. Please contact Biannela Susana at 904.598-0901 or


Girl Matters®: It’s Elementarygmie
Work directly with girls (grades K-5) at Normandy Village Elementary school for 10 hours/week through our Girl Matters®: It’s Elementary program. This in-school program intervenes early in girls’ lives to improve school success and to stop suspension from school. Girls meet in small groups or individually to learn about personal safety, relationships, communication, emotions and identity. Families also receive information and support as needed. This opportunity requires a Level II background check, a commitment of one school year and completion of a two-day Girl Matters® training program. Please contact Rachel Weinstein at 904.800.8055 or

ldrshpcnclGirls’ Leadership Council
The Girls’ Leadership Council is a girl-led and girl-focused council that elevates the voices of girls and young women between ages 12-21. Council members invite women from various professions and possessing unique perspectives to share knowledge and leadership skills. GLC meets two Saturdays a month. If you’d like to speak, hold a workshop/activity, please contact Biannela Susana at 904.423.1565 or or to financially support the GLC, Lawanda Ravoira at 904.598.0901 or

Policy Center Ambassador
Ambassadors host or bring ten to fifteen guests to a “Meet the Girl” coffee. Your guests will learn about the work of the Policy Center and hear from one of the young women we’re privileged to work alongside. We will never solicit contributions from your guests at these coffees. To host a Meet the Girl coffee, please contact Blythe Zayets at 904.423.1575 or

advctAdvocate in Action
As an Advocate in Action, you’re willing to be on a list that we activate to push specific legislation. When needed, we’ll send you an email with a script/suggested language and ask you to leave a voice message or send an email to an elected official in support of our initiative(s). To sign up or for questions, contact Lawanda Ravoira at 904.598.0901 or

Table Captaintblcptn
Table Captains invite ten friends to our annual See the Girl Luncheon. There’s no cost associated with hosting or attending a table but a direct ask will be made of guests at this invitation-only event. If you’re interested in hosting a table, please contact Blythe Zayets at 904.423.1575 or

If you have other ideas for how to get involved, please call us at 904.598.0901.




Since August 2010, the Policy Center has trained more than 70 undergraduate, recently graduated or graduate students.  The volunteer interns are provided an active learning experience within a reflective practice, girl-responsive team environment. Most volunteer interns are in placements over multiple semesters, where they learn and lead in various roles, including: direct service with individual girls, groups of girls, and/or within program administrative responsibilities.

  • Graduate positions in: Girl Matters: It’s Elementary and Girl Matters: Continuity of Care
  • Undergraduate positions in Girl Matters: It’s Elementary for direct service and program administration

For more information about volunteer internships, email Kyle Sanchez, Grant Specialist.




The Policy Center invites you to join us in our work to advance the rights of girls and young women in the justice system. We welcome your contributions of capital, in-kind donations, expertise or time.  Download our current donation list or click the purple donate button to make a donation. Read below for more ways to support our work.

Another easy way to donate is through shopping on Amazon and choosing us, DBWPC, Inc., as your selected charity.  Just click here, and log into your Amazon account.  This is automatically set us as your charity of choice.  Then, shop at and 0.5% of your spending will be donated to the Policy Center.






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